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Traning Program

A Medical & Product Training program was conducted in June 2010 at Karachi & Lahore for the New Team Induction as part of the reorganization/expansion in the Field Force.

These training programs are a regular feature of Scilife Marketing team-building and updating of information- both Medical as well as individual Product Training.

These are also conducted whenever a new product is launched as we strongly believe it to part of our duty to continuously update as well as expand the knowledge base of our colleagues in the field.

This was among a series of skills upgrading programs, of over more than 340 hours that the marketing management teams have conducted over the last two (2) years.

Leadership Excellence Programs (LEP)

A comprehensive in-house Leadership Excellence Programs (LEP) was held at Hotel Marriott, Karachi in July 2010 for honing the Skills of the managerial Staff. This was a three day program with more than 32 Hours of intense participative workshops and follow-through programs.

This was a highly participative program with 45 participants that included Divisional Sales Managers, Zonal Sales Managers, from all the Divisions and Zones of Pakistan. A number of Managers from the Head Office also participated in the program.

The program was specifically designed for fine tuning of the Managerial Capabilities, Development of a common language and set the company culture in which meritocracy is the key word.

The LEP was conducted by lead trainers which included Mr. Shahid Ghoury –our Managing Director, Mr. Ashar Majeed - Manager Marketing & Sales and Mr. Juman Khan, the Business Unit Manager. The participants were fortunate to having such lead trainers who have had a vast experience of conducting such programs over the years.

It is hoped that this will greatly help in further refinement of the management skills of the participants and development of Positive behavior among the young leaders.

Product Launches:

The anti-Ulcerents - Zoom (esomeprazole) was successfully launched in February 2010 which is the preferred treatment for Acid–Peptic Disease. Esomeprazole belongs to the class of Proton Pump Inhibitors which have now become a classic treatment for these diseases.


An important part of Scilife’s Core Values is to “Create the Best Opportunity for employees to grow and progress in culture of Meritocracy”.

Scilife strongly believes in the Core Values it has developed and conscientiously practices these values. These values have been adopted as a matter of policy. We at Scilife, in pursuance of this policy, emphasises development, grooming and providing opportunities to our employees.

Over the last couple of years nearly 70% of the new posts created were filled by internal promotions. This has only contributed to development of the individuals but also created a confidence in our colleagues of the bright future they could have within the organization.

Few of the most recent promotions are

(a) Mr. Yasir Iqbal – Promoted as Group Brand Manager (GBM) responsible for both Marketing &Sales Team of Venus Group and would be responsible for the Business Unit.

Yasir has been a very important part of our Brand management team and has contributed immensely to the marketing efforts of the company. He has been involved in Brand Development, sales Monitoring as well as training of the Field Force at various levels.

The company, recognizing his contribution, has promoted him to the position of Senior Brand Manager in April 2009, and has now promoted him to his present position.

Yasir is a Science Graduate and also hold an MBA from a Business School. He is Pioneer Team member having joined Scilife in August 2008.

(b) Mr. Sabir Klasoon promoted as Zonal Sales Manager –Sahiwal (Jupiter Team). Prior to this assignment, Sabir was working as a Product Specialist (PS) in Lahore where he demonstrated exceptional capacity for dedicated working, with tangible results. Recognizing his inherent managerial capabilities the management has given him this new responsibility.

(c) As part of the objective internal assessment exercise being practiced by Scilife management, Mr. Imran Memon has been recognized as a management material and has been promoted as Zonal Sales Manager – Venus Team in Multan. Imran has been an outstanding Scientific Information Manager (SIM) in the Sukkur team. He was one of the best performers in his team and his productivity and ability was a source of pride for his colleagues.

(d) Mr. Shahid Iqbal has recently been promoted as Zonal Sales Manager- Sahiwal (Venus Team). Shahid was a star performer as a Product Specialist Lahore. He was not only among the highest achievers in his team but has exhibited an exceptional talent in execution of the company strategy as it related to his work area. He has also been a source of inspiration for his colleagues. It is hoped that he will bring the same zeal and dedication to hard work in his new assignment.

The Scilfe Team wishes them all the best in their future assignments and hope many will follow in their footsteps in making the Scilife family a story of Success.