Corporate Social Responsibility

Consonant with the vision of Corporate Social Responsibility towards the society it serves, Scilife Pharma has been contributing, since its inception, in the following key areas:

  • Education: For literacy of less-privileged children through Rotary Club initiative, as well as provision of required resources to adopted schools in the less developed sections of the society.
  • Special Needs Children: By providing resources to Autistic Children.
  • Healthcare: By providing free medicines to primary care providers working with the less-privileged section of the population through organisations working for provision of Healthcare facilities throughout Pakistan.
  • Natural Disaster: Scilife has been contributing alleviate the suffering of people affected by Natural Disasters. It has previously done so by provision of free medicines and medical supplies wherever and whenever required.

Scilife reaffirms its commitment to contribute positively for betterment of the less fortunate brethren of the society.